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clay, wet, ditch, spring!

I've moved onto clay. Nice bit of land.

However, at the top of the hill there is a natural spring that is making the land really boggy, what with all the rain aswell. It's drier further down and I'm wondering what the best method to drain some of the excess away would be.

Shall I dig a ditch(lots of back ache and time) or get someone in to mole it? Anyone tried both and have a comparison? I could block the ditch in the summer to force the water to dissipate over the area and keep the pasture green but really need it drier during the winter.
Ty Gwyn

Have you been there long enough to know how good the spring is in a dry summer?

If its a good spring,personally,i`d sink a few concrete rings to collect the water,and pipe the overflow to a ditch.

Did it used to be the water supply to your home?

If the flow & head are right then fit a water turbine.

Have it analysed & sell it as mineral water?
Why not try alkathene pipe on the surface first to see what happens.

umm, lots to think about there.

No, I dont know how much water the'll be in the summer but I did walk past last June (it took forever to buy) and the grass was really green here whereas everywhere else was in full drought so I think it must do something.

I'll look into getting the excess into the ditch line for now, that may help.

I dont think the bottling idea is for me but I'll also look into a turbine...that could be good for the leccy bill.

Any more ideas?
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