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clearing pondweed

Some friends have a big shallow pond which has been almost entirely covered with floating pondweed (potamogetan natans). Raking it out from the edge (and leaving heaps on the bank for invertebrates) works up to a point, but the roots seem to be still anchored. What would be a good way of clearing the lot, while the water levels are fairly low?

Go paddling.

Laughing what hairyloon said!
I've heard it can be killed by blanketing - ie shutting out light but don't know for how long and if you've got other stuff in there it might not be practical.

My ducks seem to make a pretty comprehensive job of clearing most types of pond vegetation. Then you get to eat the ducks Very Happy

All the best

Ps I have a bonded group of 3 Females and 2 Males laying 2 to 3 eggs a day if anyone is interested. They are very fine Exhibition Rouen.

PPS Sorry Elvis managed to push in again, so ignore the duck in the "syrup"
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