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Rob R

Climate Change By Numbers

Interesting programme on the subject

I missed it. Was it good? Will look at it on iPlayer.
Rob R

Explained it pretty well I think, in a memorable way. I watched it while working on the computer, as most of it could have been on radio but the visuals were needed. I followed it up by watching a couple of episodes of 'Planet Oil', which is also worth a watch for those of us not well up on the oil industry. I was amazed that so few people (appeared to) knew what OPEC is though.

with added words and pictures

the full data set is huge but the heatmap is a fairly good instant overview of the likely situation .

it might be hot and wet or hot and dry but the overall theme is rather hot.

considering the hot bits to be have a vast and growing population either there is a great need to plan ahead for food,water etc etc or the planet will adjust the population downwards by direct and indirect means.
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