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Co-ax work.

Currently running new co-ax cable for various TVs. I have a very weak signal, and a booster doesn't actually do much. I really want to split a cable up in the attic to go to two places, rather than risk life and limb getting to an unused aerial on the roof. Will splitting the cable reduce the signal at the far end even further, or don't it work like that?
Penny Outskirts

Barefoot Andrew

Yes it will impair signal quality - as will every connection between contiguous cable runs. If signal is OK ish, a booster will do the trick (although it's possible to over amply and digi boxes like their signals to be just right, not too weak, not too strong). If the signal is carp, you'll be just amplifying the noise too.

I don't know off the top of my head, but the aerial will convert electromagnetic waves into an electrical current so you can use your physics to work out what it'll do. If you split it into a parallel circuit then the current will be divide so I think you'll get a weaker signal because if the current drops so will the power.

For weak signals you need to do a few things.
1, A large high db gain narrow band aeriel (most tv aeriels are wide band)
2, install a powered mast head amplifier
3, use a tall pole on a high mounting
4, ensure you have a clear line of sight to the transmiter
5, ensure you are not pointing at a reflected signal from trees & buildings
6, use an amplifier if needed
7, as said if the signal is too strong use an antenuator
8, for weak signals only use quaility crimped on connectors
9, keep the cable runs as short as possible
10, use quality thick low loss cable

Then give up & get Sat


I'm <-> this far from Sky.

And it makes my teeth itch. Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Mad
Penny Outskirts

We did everything on Richard's list, and now have Sky Sad Can't you get freesat now though?

Sorry about the picture of Simon Cowell Embarassed

I don't suppose it helps if I say I can get excellent reception from a small aerial in the loft? At least there's one benefit living in suburbia.
Penny Outskirts

If it's anything like us, we're in a dip, and the signal sort of bounces over us. An aerial on a huge post on the chimney just about managed a snowy signal, but we lost it if the wind blew (and nearly lsot the chimney too a few times!) Joys of country living Very Happy

Currently, I have an aerial in the loft, a huge run of cable, and several breaks. That said, I've managed to get the weakest channel working (Setanta). So, at least until a cloud rocks up, we may be OK...

My aeiral's in the loft, and my reception was always rubbish. I bought new coax and worked carefully on the routing and it still rubbish. Installed a signal booster and...still rubbish.

Then I changed out the coax for satellite grade coax and the picture improved so much I didn't need the booster.

Antiference the arial specialists do a coupler that I think is called a non inductive coupler this is a small internal device that splits the signal between 2 tvs without a great deal of loss and no ghosting. Its not the 'y ' shaped coupler but is an oblong box you wire in your coax from the aerial in at one end and then 2x coax plugs on the other end . this used with sat grade coax should inmprove the picture.
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