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Cockle picking

I was looking for info on closed seasons/bylaws etc. for our local cockle beds, coudn't find anything specific but i did find this article by Mike Thrusell, which may be of interest.

Don't mind a cockle meself. Did find a scallop stranded on the beach, took it home & put it in a bucket to wash itself out, but it died within the hour, so i cooked it and ate it straight away. In the morning little Willow looked in the bucket and said "Daddy, wheres Scott ?" Teacher wern't to happy when she said daddy had eaten her pet Embarassed

I thought the rule with shellfish was only eat them when there's an r in the month, September to April.
& only eat the healthy ones.
How are you feeling?

Depends where you pick them from, wouldn't want to eat filter feeders from near a sewage outfall. Have eaten mussells in august with no ill effects. But then again, have caught a virus from kayaking near the butlins sewage outfall in north wales that lasted 3 months, and i didn't eat that ! puke_l

I used to follow some of the experienced cocklers around in Morecambe bay. When you're out on mud, its critically important to know local conditions very, very well indeed. Same stretch of mud claimed the lives of those poor Chinese immigrants a few years back Sad

Generally speaking, for when and where to pick, local knowledge is top for shellfish.
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