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colchester medieval oyster fayre.

So we are here in colchesters lower castle park for our favourite show of the year.
All set up with our beef jerky and mushroom munchies in a lovely tent and restaurantng up with a few drinks and chatting to the other traders.
Loads of stalls, lots of knights, archers and wandering clerics as well as hog roasts, ice creams and the Norfolk cider company with his apple mill from 1870s and his turn of the century apple press that he is using yo press his fresh apple juice he sells as well as bis cider.
Last year he said he made 70,000 liters if cider and he is already trying ti get all us traders to sample his wares lol.
If any one is in the area this weekend its a great show and worth a look round, I'm not sure or the entrance fee but I will find out and post it up.
Be good to see anyone that comes down for a visit.

I'll drop by tomorrow with a bit of luck. Same strategy as before Wink
I only missed last year's through my own forgetfulness. Embarassed

Be good too see you again, the weather is perfect, sunny but with a breeze and the place is packed today.
Selling loads and having fun meeting all the people we haven't seen since last year.

Cracking evening with Steve from the Norfolk cider company getting us all tipsy after the bar closed early.
Every show every year when the public leave he pours cider for traders free if charge with the mantra ' we brew 10,000 gallons a year but what's the point if I can't give away a few pints.'
Much appreciated it is to but the serious wide is I have his contact details to pass on to bodger and Lorraine if they want them as he is keen to encourage as many cider producers as possible, remind me in the morning once the hangover has gone lol
Mistress Rose

Sounds good Pilsbury. Hope you do well and don't end up with too much of a hangover. We are too far away, so won't be seeing you I'm afraid.

And we are back there this weekend, still a great show thst we enjoy doing!
This time I have my long bow with me to try and do some practice in the evenings.
Mistress Rose

Have a good time, and hope you do well.

have fun,i now have a mental picture of a very elderly oyster playing the sackbutt while the youngsters wrestle to win a pig. Laughing

It is a good show - with lots of lovely people. Cool
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