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Cold smoker

Would like to make a cold smoker for fish, cheese, meat etc. Any advice would be appreciated...............mack

My last effort used a metal filing cabinet, not ideal, but so much depends on what you have.

martin made a rather nice one from an old stainless steel trade fridge that he got for next to nowt as scrap iirc.racks etc come with such things.
remove works ,hole in the top and bottom,a small burner and a bit of pipe to make smoke.

i am even more primitive and use a few poles and some old tarp,blanket etc etc as the box ,and a small fire under half a barrel with a pipe as the smoke generator works for a large pig in bits if working large scale or snake hole fire style if small scale

scrapheap challenge or bushcraft is far better than buying some fancy kit that often doesnt work very well or is fits one size only.

ps the racks out of old ovens are rather useful but sticks work fine
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