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compost tea....

anyone know anything about this?

Ive been asked to set up a course on how to make, costings & usage...

not a thing I know anything about.

any help?
Mr O

This may be of some use.

If you mean the stuff that's a mix of microbes you brew yourself, like the links already posted, there doesn't seem to be a huge amount of information on it of exactly what it is and how it works. It was on Gardener's World a while back and recently: (20 mins in). From this link it appears they use this system:

I'd be interested to hear how you get on with your course.

thats exactly the stuff...apparently a guy called Jody Schekter does it at his place in Hampshire. Its not a thing Id ever heard about, but if thats what people want to learn about then, fine,Ill attempt to find someone to teach it...

WOW, this Jody Shekter Shocked Cool

yep, thats the one Laughing

I can feel a journey to Hampshire coming boss just loves my mileage Laughing
Penny Outskirts

Compost and Jody Scheckter do seem a bit incongruous. Laughing

yes he owns a big organic operation Laverstoke park and vineyard ... I did contact them when I was considering compost teas for spraying on vines (and they were very helpful) - but came to the conclusion that I would use seaweed concentrates instead - as having the brew ready for when conditions were right for spraying would be yet another 'factor' when fitting in the sprays. It always seems too windy , about to rain, or the vines are flowering !!! Or 'real' work takes you away just at the perfect time ... hmmm.
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