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Concert in Cirencester this Sat

Cirencester Parish Church, 7:30pm
Bach, Mendelsson, Palestrina, Whittacre, and Wesley

My choir Wink Sang in Malmesbury last Sat and just got out before the floods... Shocked hoping for better weather in Cirencester!!

Tickets are 10 or free for children.

So are you singing Nats? (Are you in any of the photos on the website?)

Yes I'm singing... I'll have to check the web site as I took maternity leave recently!!

Yes I'm in the banner picture - you see the lady with the big red scarf on the left, Next to her is Lorna then it's me (heading towards the middle) - oh and that's your left not ours as we stood!

I see. You obviously have the same dress code as Sean's folk orchestra.
Barefoot Andrew

I've tweeted it for you.

ooh thanks! BFA.


PS The choir is @CantoresCW and I am @calisnenath on twitter!

bumpy bump bump ......TONIGHT Very Happy

Good Luck! Have a great concert!

My choir Crescendi did a concert for Macmillan nurses last night...we had 300 people turn up,and raised over 3000 quid! I never thought to publicise it on here, but I will next time!

One of our members was diagnosed with testicular cancer last year...we nearly lost him (he's only young) however he'smade a full recovery and wanted to thank Macmillan for all the support and help he received... Very Happy

If you are coming tonight park anywhere but NOT the Brewery car park it is the only one in town that charges after 6pm rest are all free

Thanks for that - will aim for Forum I think
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