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Condensing forum threads in to articles

This post by lr110td5 says it all really:

"The great thing about the internet is that it is a virtually unlimited source of information. But I find it a bit cumbersome trying to search for hints and recipes at a later date, especially when there's a lot of "chat" in-between. If I take this particular thread is an example, would it not be possible to condense the various contributions - like those from ButteryHOLsomeness - in a separate, permanent file for easier access, such as in the "Latest Articles" selection?"

In that case I'm hoping that Deedee who started the thread, or Buttery who contributed such a lot, will be able to do the condensing, but I thought we might need to discuss how to go about it, as it will be useful for other threads too.

I think it would be nice to make the articles proper "guides" so that tips etc are grouped together by subject rather than by poster - this would be made awkward if every individual tip was attributed though, so I would prefer it to be an article compiled by "Member x" (who would ideally be the person who started the thread, or else one of the main contributors) with some attribution within it and full thanks to all contributors at the end - and of course, with all those contributors' permission.

Does this make sense and do you agree or have a better idea?

I think having the articles by someone then acknowleging everyone at the end is a good idea

My (personal) feeling is that where wisdom has been collected in a thread, it would be an excellent idea to 'recast' it as an article. A process perhaps of distillation?
wellington womble

You could call them topic summaries!

I think its a great idea, as there is loads of info hiding in the chat. Although I quite like wading through it, myself (like reading last years local pappper while you're supposed to be laying the fire!) but I can see it would be cumbersome!

Since it was me that sparked off this thread, maybe I could enlarge a little on my thoughts.
A topic is posted, someone asks for information and the replies come in. Then there are the diversions and comments which lead off at a tangent, the occasional political ranting, another person gets miffed, people send smilies or monosyllable remarks and before long the thread has become truly that which its name so aptly says: long and thin!
The phenomenon is common to all websites - and naturally my comment was meant as constructive criticism - so the solution must surely already exist elsewhere and the wheel does not need to be re-invented. Many years ago the "Land Rover Owner" magazine produced a paperback in which technical answers to readers' questions which had appeared in the magazine were grouped together in appropriate chapters; I don't expect you to produce a book but the parallel is there.


ps: It has just occurred to me that I was guilty of digressing (from the topic of dehydrators) when I posted my original text.

I suppose it's about time I wrote something helpful rather than asked for help myself as per normal Laughing I am by no means as good as Buttery on the subject but am learning as I dabble!Might take me a while to put together with half term almost upon us and all but I'll give it a whirl Bugs Very Happy
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