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Construction of cottages etc

Can anyone recommend a good, easy-to-read book about the construction of older houses, thatched cottages etc?

Have a look at Pamela Cunnington's 'Caring for Old Houses' (Marston House, 2002 - ISBN 1 899296 17 4) and Hugh Lander's 'The House Restorer's Guide' (David & Charles, 1992 - ISBN 0 7153 0003 2).
Lander's book is out of print, but you should be able to find it through Amazon - very comprehensive (but ignore where he suggests gauging mortars with cement). Both books will give you a very good overview of how the houses were built originally, as well as how to repair and conserve them.
Anotehr excellent book is 'Survey and Repair of Traditional Buildings: A Conservation and Sustainable Approach' by Richard Oxley (Donhead, 2003 - ISBN 1 873394 50 0).

Thanks Gervase. I somehow knew you'd come up with an answer Very Happy
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