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Northern Boy

Consultation to limit trawling in Welsh waters

The Welsh Assembly Government is conducting a consultation about trawling.

The basic history is that the size of commercial trawlers in Welsh waters was restricted years ago, but many oversize vessels were allowed to continue fishing, being 'grandfathered in' due to having historic fishing rights. The current consultation will remove the 'grandfathering' rule and the limits will apply to all boats.

Should you wish to have a say, the link is here -;jsessionid=yYTLT82SShnNW28CPsPhDZNyQLptXk1mPl2G7nbpLLHG1BtnmQHL!-1883660344?lang=en

One would hope that they would be willing to give up their grandfathered rights, even for a decade or so, in order to maintain populations if they are being depleted.

Just common sense, but the money aspect will more than likely rule.
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