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Cooked chainsaw.

I think I have had my chainsaw running too lean and overheated it.
It cut out, smoking gently from places wot it doesn't normally smoke from.
It hasn't seized and it still has good compression, but shows no inclination to fire again.

My basic infernal combustion handbook says you need three things for an engine to work: fuel, compression and ignition. I seem to have all those, so what's happening?

I'm guessing that it's time for the spanners and a complete strip down though...

Like comedy, don't you also need timing? My cooked one was simpler, it simply seized and I needed a new piston and ring.

Like comedy, don't you also need timing?

There is that, but I think that is pretty much fixed on a chainsaw.
Certainly there is no grounds to think it has moved at all.

It would be interesting to know make and circumstances..

Himself had one that cooked on normal use on a very hot day. When he took it to the supplier they said it was a known problem.

i recon take it to bits will reveal the problem ,if not put it back together and see if it works.

even though you have a spark if you watch for it could the leccy be leaking via muck etc(which might explain the smoke from odd places as well) and therefore not sparking in the cylinder?

It would be interesting to know make and circumstances...

Husqvarna 2100XP. I was planking with it. Was going really well before it stopped...

Just tried it this morning and it fired and ran for a brief moment, but not again (so far)...

fuel filters? Hairyloon

fuel filters?
Seem to be clear enough. It is a thirsty brute, I doubt it'd go from running full bore to completely blocked that quickly.

Is the spark plug producing a good spark or has the electrode eroded or become dirty? vegplot

...or electrode partially melted. If running lean you may also have damaged the piston. Sounds like time for a strip down, the chainsaw not you. RichardW

Chainsaws rely on a good crankcase seal so they can maintain a vacuum.

Overheating often wrecks the seals.

I've popped the exhaust off and the piston is visibly scored... I reckon that's a positive diagnosis... dpack

if the piston is chances are the pot is as well, Hairyloon

On first inspection it looks ok...
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