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wellington womble


The baked, kind not the big brother web browsers...

As part of my New Years' resolution to buy less ready made stuff from supermarkets, I want to start baking biscuits and cookies. I can't see me recreating the bourbon cream at home, and I have nice recipes for gingernuts and digestives. But I'm hopeless at cookies. They will need to have chocolate chips in, and be the crunchy 'Maryland' type, not the oversize, bendy, squidgy sort. Any tried and tested foolproof recipes? No doubt I will have 'help' in the kitchen.

not cookie exactly, but I have a nice hob nob recipie

Use the search Luke...

If you put 'cookie' in you get some recipes.
wellington womble

Those are all bendy ones. I want crunchy ones.

I will resort to google if necessary, but it's nice when things are re commended.

I would also love to find a crunchy choc chip biscuit recipe.
Nicky Colour it green

hazelnut chocolate chip cookies
wellington womble

Thank you, I will try those.

Yes please to hobnob recipe, Alison.


8oz sr flour
8oz sugar
8oz porridge oats
8oz butter
1tbsp syrup
1tbsp hot water
1/2 tsp bic soda

mix flour, sugar and oats in a bowl, melt butter, syrup and water very gently, dont get it too hot, pour onto the dry ingredients, mix well and form into balls the size of walnuts
put on a greased tray and flatten with a fork dipped in cold water

bake 180oc, gas 4 for 15 mins, leave on the tray a minute then put to cool on a rack

honey can be used instead of syrup, i sometimes add chopped almonds, cinnamon or ginger, porridge oats are fine too

i get about 45 biscuits from the mix

hazelnut chocolate chip cookies

I shall have a go at those. Thank you.
wellington womble

Thank you, Alison.
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