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Cooking with dried mushrooms

So I dried a few mushrooms for the first time last year and then put the jar in the back of a cupboard out of harms way, where it then got lost until I've just found it.
Fancy using them in a mushroom risotto, but can't really find much info on best way to use them. Do you rehydrate the mushrooms first, or just bung them in? And if you rehydrate them, how long for?

Other ideas for their use greatly appreciated too. I've got parasols, cep, amethyst deceiver, hedgehogs, winter chanterelle and puffballs all mixed together.

Rehydrate first then add the water you soaked them in to your stock. IMHO.

Edit: Timing depends on how dry/what they are in the first place. I usually allow about 20 mins and chop them finely before adding to the risotto.

I just bung them in, but that's for bolognese or chilli, where they cook much longer.

It does depend on what your cookimg them in, longer cooking with plenty of liquid to soak up means they can go in dry, shorter cooking or not much spare liquid then i would soak them in just enkugh water to cover and so long as the soaking water is free from grit i would ad that as well.

Thanks for the replies guys. Soaking and using the water towards the cooking liquid sounds like a plan. Looking forward to dinner tonight now Smile

theres a jamie oliver recipe i have used which call for a mixture of dry and fresh ones. he recommends soaking too and using the liqued after for stock.
yummy. i want mushroom risotto now! Very Happy

If only I had time tonight to go and find some fresh ones to go in too!!
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