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copper and brass tat

Another lot of pub salvage.
Mostly (if not all) 'worthless' reproduction stuff.
It's worth 30+ scrap so if any body wants anything it's p+p+scrap value. That's any item except the fox, the horse brasses and the brass tankard - offers on those.

that round brass lidded pot in the front, what does that come in at with postage? I think I could convert that to a Viking period thread box with a bit of walloping maybe...
TTouch Homestead

Hmm, the plant pot pair can be made good use of ....what would they come in at?

The brass tin is about 25p-30p scrap value so 2-3 incl p+p

The 2 plant pots with p+p 6 - dull but otherwise in good condition

The four copper jugs and 2 copper mugs would come to 10 incl p+p - conditions vary - good to beat about

how much for the two copper mugs just right of center ?

and the bellows if they work ?

copper mugs and bellows please if available

Copper mugs 1.70 + 2.50ish p+p (for pair) - fairly crudely made, one needs bottom lip straightening out.

bellows are kaput. Leather totally rotted. Not even sure if proper old. Metal plate has dutch scene on it - boat and windmill. You can have for free - add another 1 ish for p+p

save the postage on the bellows ,can i paypal you ?
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