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Costing home made produce.

Never very sure about this. I have made lots of picalilly to order, using veg from the allotment. It is in new 1lb jars, they cost 46p each.
Do you think 3 or 3.50 would be reasonable?

Think 3.50 is very reasonable Smile if it doesn't sell you can always drop the price however you can't put it up as easily

i cant stand the stuff but some folk like it and 3.50 seems reasonable compared to hand made foods in jars on sale around here.

2 ways of pricing are

costs x 2.5 (for minimal time stuff)
costs + 1.5x time @ x 1.5 (for time intensive stuff)

they are both rough guides but work for quite a few things.

Factor in, if I don't sell it today, how long will it last, can I sell it eventually or can I use it.

If it goes off fast, and you've no use for it, make sure the stuff you know can sell covers your actual costs (jars and material). Time is valuable but if you've wasted it, at least it hasn't cost yoh anything. The invoice for the jars will still want paying.

See how they sell this time.

I'm not a huge fan of it, but a 1lb jar seems quite a daunting amount, though I know the chunks can be quite large.
If you do it again, maybe try 12oz or even 8oz jars.

I'm not the biggest fan either, but judging by the number of meals out that I or OH have had in the last 3 or 4 months with 'homemade piccalilly' on the side, it may now be decidedly 'on trend' Smile

I'm hopelessly not 'on trend', so hopefully you will be selling lots !
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