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costume advice please

My friends and I are applying to have a stand at a food fair at Singleton Museum (where they filmed tudor monastry farm). we are selling traditional meats such as mutton and goat and felt we might want to dress up in some tudor, medieval or similar garb. i was thinking of a simple chemise and overdress/apron. does anyone here know where we could hire or buy something along those line! i do possess a sewing machine but other than repairing simple items I'm not sure I could make something from scratch! any ideas please?
Nell Merionwen

When is it? What size are you? Where are you? Would you like to borrow something?

Nell can almost certianly sort yoy out but if she doesnt have your size my wife and sister in law have outfits, nell made my wifes so she may be able to advise.
Mistress Rose

We do the autumn fair at Singleton, and don't dress up. I don't think many stall holders will. The buildings at Singleton date from basically medieval though to 19th century, so a wide range to choose from. I was involved in some filming for a 17th century TV production there.

thanks for your help and suggestions - I was unsure if we needed to dress up but my friend was very keen! we will be selling out of fridge displays etc so not sure the two would marry up that well!
Mistress Rose - thanks so much for the input, we are going in blind having not been to the event before - but i have been to singleton many times with my son and friends and love the place. i think we will go in our standard polo shirts and aprons this time and see what others are doing.
thank you again Smile
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