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welsh veg grower

costume designer - particularly a hat

I haven't been in here for ages, life went in a different direction but i seem to remember there was someone in here who made costumes. I'm looking for someone to make a flamboyant dame type hat for the stage.

Can anyone help?

sally in wales or frewen or nell might be able to point you in the right direction

Didnt Vanessa stsrt a dressmaking business...
I'm sure she is on Facebook somewhere.

when do you need it by? I'm a bit swamped until mid December, but happy to help talk you through options if you want to try making your own
welsh veg grower

Thanks sally. I have someone giving it a try I will see how that works out so may be back. Thanks for the offer to help me but my making skills haven't been used in years Sad

Can we see pictures afterwards please? I love a good hat love5
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