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Cottage on 8 acres for sale in Ireland

After spending the last 16 years living in Ireland and lovingly restoring our cottage the time has come to return to the UK to spend time with our ageing family.

We have a lovely cottage for sale on 8 acres.
Of which, 2 acres are good for growing veg and the rest is good for horses/livestock.
Asking price is 147k which is equivalent to around 117k, great opportunity to get a large plot of land and a wonderfully restored cottage.

Please check link below for details

Hello and welcome

Lovely cottage you have there Smile

very nice

Hi jonji, and welcome to Downsizer.

We do like it if new members introduce themselves first, and contribute to the forum, before advertising goods or property for sale.

You'll also find you might get a better response.

It looks lovely, I like the sound of solid fuel heating.

Hi gil,

Sorry not to have introduced myself.

I have used for years as a reference for looking at recipe suggestions and tips.
We have lived in Ireland for 16 years and restored the cottage you see above as our attempt to get away from the rat race of urban life. After having spent many happy years here we now have to contemplate moving back to the UK and hope to find a similar life there. Although we know that the peace we have here will not be possible in the busier lifestyle over there.

If we could pick our cottage up and place it in an acre over there it would be great, but alas !!!

I now realise how easy it is to contribute to a forum and look forward to doing so from now on.
Sally Too

Welcome Jonji... and what a beautiful place. I do hope some deserving folk find it and appreciate it's true value. Smile

Wonderful cottage! I hope you find somewhere back in the UK that you can enjoy living in nearly as much.

I was just saying to OH..."should we move to Ireland?...I 'know' nice house in sale there with 'bit' of land"...his first reply was "where about in Ireland?...any golf courses nearby?" Rolling Eyes
...but reading the description you do mention a golf course.. Rolling Eyes ...just perfect! Laughing

Must go and check the lottery tickets Wink

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Cool

@ Blacksheep, Yes, we are hoping we can find somewhere in the UK as lovely as here. Trying not to look at the moment as if would be hard to find a dream home and not be in a position to 'go for it'.

@ Finsky, as you mention it, there is a golf course about 4 miles away !!
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