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Could someone id these please?

although I say them in a mixed woodland of mainly oak and birch and won't be going back for awhile. Unfortunately my fungi book is in a box somewhere as we are doing some building work - so they had to stay where they were - all of them.

The paths in the wood were littered with soggy quite large (hand size) black fungi - all badly decayed as there was torrential rain the day before - any suggestions what they might have been - they were everywhere.

This first and largest was out by the estuary - I wanted to pick this but family wouldn't let me Crying or Very sad

This one is a bit out of focus but really shows up the under side.

Not the best shots - must concentrate more next time - I was overwhelmed by the numbers of different types Rolling Eyes This was just a tiny percentage of them. A fair few must have been edible - but it had poured with rain the day before so everything was a bit soggy.

We could really do with images of the undersides and stems to be sure. Hard to say with the first shroom and the bottom one; any statement there would be a guess.

The third image is a russula of some sort. Russulas after rain are all rather random I'm afraid, but it looks rather like the common yellow russula.

I will remember this for next time Very Happy

The standard instructions for posting pics of things to identify are here:

Sometimes a simple snap is enough to say what a sample is, other times you could post every pic you could imagine but its just not going to happen. All depends on what it actually is, some things are easy to identify from pics, others are impossible to id unless you get hold of the specimen.

that top one looks like a ufo Laughing sorry Embarassed
Penny Outskirts

I thought it looked like a growling alien Embarassed Laughing
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