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Azura Sky made this for us at the foody weekend

(serves 4)
kinda like spagetti Smile

For the 'pasta':
2 Courgettes

Peel the skin with a veg peeler, discard skin. Then carry on peeling all around the courgette to the very core until you can peel no more, and have a huge mound of pasta like strips!

For the Sauce:
2-3 sticks celery
3 tomatoes
1 red pepper
Good pinch of mixed herbs
Quarter clove of garlic (strong when raw)
6 sundried tomatoes (use the ones in oil and herbs for a stronger flavour)
half an avocado or a dollop of tahini
a squeeze of lemon (or tomato puree for some zing)
Pinch of salt or dash of Liquid Aminos.

Blend all in a food processor until sauce consitency with hardly any lumps. Pour over courgette ribbons.

For Parmesan:
You can sprinkle Marigold Enegevita Nutritional Yeast flakes (available in most healthfood shops) - has a cheesy flavour and thickens the sauce somewhat. I'm a fan.
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