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cow cremation

hi I'm new to downsizer and wondered if anyone can help. My house cow Jessie has Johnes disease and I wondered if I could get her cremated I can't find any information anywhere Thanks
Ty Gwyn

The Fallen Stock Scheme will cremate her for you for 120.00.


Thanks Ty Gwyn, sorry to be a pain, but how do I know she's been cremated and is that the NFSCo , I just don't want her last moments to be mega stressful physically and mentally. I know I'm daft but she is a lovely gentle cow and I will feel I have let her down.

Phone them (they won;t be open today). They will probably kill her on site or the vet will come out and do it for you. They will probably use slightly different methods. Either way it will happen on your farm and you will know it is quick and thorough. X
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