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Crab apples

Planning on picking crab apples next week, and I always end up making jelly with them. Which is fine, but there must be other good things to do with them.

I've added one or two to robust stews of beef or pork with good results before, but what else should I be trying?

with rowan is nice but for a non jam/jelly use they are rather good if a bit odd as a concept used in a sauce with fish

think pork n apple sauce but crabapple and grilled fish

They seem to go a bit rubbery in things like chutneys. Too tart for cider. They're good for throwing for the dog.

Verjuice, Crab Apple Wine, Crab Apple Cheese

Has anyone ever tried pickling them? There are a few recipes on the net (example below), but having only just found a couple of trees on our new patch they might all go for jelly (one batch down, another to go this week)...
tai haku

had a rather cracking "crab apple sauce" the other week at a restaurant. Guessing it was made just the same as apple sauce but with smaller fiddlier apples - quite a distinctive sharp taste though. It was served as a dip for a platter of crackling which may have rather coloured my judgement on it because well......mmmmm.....crackling Laughing

I've been advised Crab Apple Whisky or Spiced Crabapple Rum is very nice Smile

We're near the end of some Crabapple Vodka made in 2009. drunken

I bottled it after about 18 months- 2 years. I used quite small apples, so just left most of them whole in the vodka.
Should have started more is beautiful Cool

Sounds interesting! I've made quince vodka which is very nice, similar perhaps?
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