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According to R4, crab from the south and south-west coasts of England is now in season.

Oh you lucky people ! Anyone had any yet ?
Where do you get yours from ?
Or perhaps you catch your own ?

There is a smashing little wet fish shop in Poole that I like to go to when I am feeling flush - they aren't cheap Crying or Very sad . Right next door to the equally-expensive organic butchers and a lovely shop selling ethnic musical instruments ... I'm not really allowed to stop the car/get off the bus in that particular area any more.

Crabbing is a popular sport for kids off Poole Quay - of course, they (the crabs!) are all very wee and get thrown back in straight away.

i brought back 4 crabs from newquay (wales) yesterday...not sure what mum did to them last night but they arent alive thats for sure...
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