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craftperson's website advice.

I think I need to take some of this to heart!

Big fan of Dixie and her blogs, this lady talks a lot of sense.


ill have a long look at all this later, thanks for signposting.
Mistress Rose

We are not trying to sell a craft as such, but we do get people browsing our site and asking us about our craft items as well as firewood.

One thing that people like about our website is that it is easy to browse. I have been on some professional sites that I haven't been able to work out how to get from one page to another, so remember, some of your customers may be only semi-computer literate, so make things easy for them.

I need a completely new webshop, have known that for some time. I probably need to find a way to have someone else build the bones of it this time as well, much more likely to get a good mix of functionality and elegance, neither of which it currently has.

I like Dixie too. Quite forthright at times but speaks a lot of sense.


There is a lot of guff talked about websites (search engine optimization, do this, don't do that, etc). There is never a one size fits all solution though.

Having built many over the years for various people I'm often surprised at what they want, how it finally looks and how well some of them do (despite ignoring all my good advice) Rolling Eyes

It's not easy building a website that seems to go against how you think it should look/operate - but the customer is (nearly) always right.

I do think the main purpose of the site should be in your face on the front page though - e.g. if it's a shop then there should be something advertised/on offer on the front page with a clear/direct link to the main shop (rather than just a small Shop link amidst a menu you have to hunt for).

PM me and I can show you some examples and offer some (very reasonable) prices...

nice link .thanks

I'm sorry but I just can't help myself. When you're all talking about Dixie I can only think about the character in the Austin Powers film Dixie Normous.

I wish I was in Dixie.
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