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Credit card sales & machine

We have bought (as part of an auction lot) an Ingenico card reader with the base unit, instructions, papwer etc.

Now, I have absolutely no knowledge of these things, but IF I thought of using this next sping at cider shows etc, what do I have to do?
Im assuming I need some sort of contract thing with somebody?
Its a bluetooth machine, and I bank with HSBC.


If you talk to your bank they can set you up.

If you choose to go with World pay (who I am with) I can give you a code for recommending you. They have some added benefits at the moment.

The blue tooth machine needed to be plugged into one base place.

We have the wifi one, which will pick up different routers.

They are easy to use though

Alison, thanks. Im full of the cold, so even thicker than usual. can I perhaps talk to you on the phone about it in a couple of days?
Im off to bed again now.... sad3

The bloke who came to service the boiler last week had a Paypal card reader which cost him 2.9%, I think. Better value he thought than hiring a card reader for so much a month.

thanks all.

Im just trying to get my head round the whole paying by card idea....

these things are cheap as chips these days.

It has been one of the things honking me off about a local store that is finally closing, its been proclaiming itself as the last independent store in the parade, but only taking cash and keeping lame opening hours, not to mention stocking mostly tat Sad

these days there is no excuse not to have a card payment system.

We use a Paypal one at shows, Not been any problem with it so far, had irt about a year. Just the 2.9% on each transaction as said so no monthly outgoing. Ours works through out phone, not sure if the new version is the same.

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