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Credit card to use abroad

Can anyone recommend a credit card I can use abroad that wont charge for cash advances and purchases?

I was going to get a Post Office card but when I went to the PO today for a member of staff to sign photocopies of my documents as "original seen" they said it would cost me 7.50 Shocked Because I'm not sure one of the documents will be sufficient to satisfy their rules and regulations, I was not prepared to pay that amount only to be told when I send the documents off that they dont meet their requirements, I refused and walked out in a huff Embarassed

Just wondering if anyone on here can recommend something?


ASAIK, they all charge for cash advances. What has surprised me is that my Co=Operative Visa charged me "non-sterling transaction"fees for each of my recent purchases in the 'States. That's a new one Twisted Evil

Look at the, they keep up to date with who is charging what, and I recall credit cards for holidays being a Big Thing.

Off the top of my head it is (or at least was) a Nationwide one that came out best.

Edit - would a debit card do? It would avoid the crazy cash-withdrawal fees?

would a debit card do? It would avoid the crazy cash-withdrawal fees?

Again, I think they all charge. A couple of years ago I got a Travelex Cash Passport which allows you to load up a card in sterling and then draw on that in local currency with no transaction charges. What was hidden in the small print was that they charge 2% to load the card Twisted Evil Twisted Evil

You could take a preloaded card...weve done this twice and its great...good exchange rate and you can load more on whenever you like..Have a look at FairFX ..its a modern version of travellers cheques...its mastercard based so accepted most places Very Happy No charges for using it and minimal charge for withdrawing money

I use a FairFX card too.

They all charge, or you get a poorer exchange rate.

MSE will suggest the best current one.

I've looked on MSE... best one is the Post Office one..

I will have a look at the FairFX thing...

Thanks for all suggestions... keep them coming!! Very Happy

I use Halifax Clarity when abroad (credit card)

I pre-order cash usually from from

Many debit cards have horrendous fees abroad (worse than credit cards)!

For cash I pre-order on the internet (usually Travel-X) and collect at the airport on day of travel . Delivery to home is free - but I don't like waiting in to sign for it

Caxton is another useful one.

I use the Halifax Clarity card, I don't think you get quite such a good rate but there are no loading fees and unless the machine charges you the cash advance apr is the same as the normal apr (currently 12.9% though it is charged from when you get the money rather than the end of the month) so I use it for all my abroad transactions where possible
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