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Crop rotation questionb

I have my veg bed split into 4 breaks that I rotate round:

  • Beans + pumpkin
  • Spuds
  • Brassicas
  • Misc everything else (salads, beetroot)

Normally I grow spring sewn Brassicas, which I harvest in the Autumn and winter (in theory, so far I've not had anything still to harvest in winter). This year I also want to grow overwintered brassicas that I'll sew in August for harvest in the Spring.

Question is: Do I plant them into the break that is this years Brassica break, or do I put it into what will be next years brassica break?


Mistress Rose

If you overwinter brassicas you need to follow them on with later stuff, so I always tend to follow them with beans (which I sow indoors and plant out) or things like courgettes which are tender. I usually grow purple sprouting brocolli and kale, so they need to be in the ground until quite late in the spring, but are best put in fairly early.

I work on a rotation roughly based on plant families (Alliaceae, Chenopodiaceae, Compositae, Cruciferae, Cucurbitaceae, Labiatae, Leguminosae, Rosaceae, Solanaceae,Umbelliferae, Other). This is based on the fact that most pest/diseases are family specific.

As long as I don't follow one crop with another from the same family in the same bed (within a two season period), then I can plant what I like. Its much more flexible than a 4-year rotation and makes it easier to follow one crop with another.

Seems to work (I've been doing this for the last 8 years here).
wellington womble

I just put things in where there's space at the time. In theory I have a rotation. It just never really works in practice (I do move the potatoes around a lot) it doesn't help that I don't grow equal amounts of all the different families.

I used to grow my winter brassicas on my early potato ground with a catch crop of lettuce between. I haven't done proper gardening for a few years, but when you plant brassicas both late and early ones you can get a crop of fast growing veg between the brassica plants at planting out time; and I always used to grow my brassicas on 2ft square spacing so plenty of room for a salad plant between each brassica-lettuce and carrots both work. As the fertility was quite high with organic matter dug in I grew short variety salad carrots to avoid the 'fangs'.
john of wessex

I follow my first early potato's with Brokalai and my second earlies with Purple Sprouting broccoli in the same season

Seems to work OK but I do try to grow the brassicas to a reasonable size in pots before they go out

I should have said to leave a suitable gap between growing one crop after another the normal guide is about 4 years, as a disease control measure.
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