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cup sourdough starter(thick batter consistency and frisky active is good )
cup strong flour
2 oz butter melted
one egg
1/2 tsp salt

mix egg and warm butter and salt then add to starter and flour beat everything to a soft dough with a mixer with dough hooks for ten mins (or probably a lot longer by hand with a fork,fingers etc )
it needs a good beating to work the gluten so it holds rise in a rather soft mix

proof for several hours at approx 20c until doubled in size

heat pan or griddle to low/medium hot( oil lightly)

put crumpet sized blobs (or use rings)onto pan very gently so as not to dislodge gas using big spoon and spatula
cook for 7 mins (or until just setting on top)then turn and cook tother side 2 mins

cool on rack

warm through then split and toast ,serve with butter ,jam etc

far nicer than packet ones (even nice packet ones )

makes about 6 biggish ones

i recon it needs hard mixing and very gentle making into blobs Wink
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