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Curious take on Climate Change

In discussion on another forum a chap accepts that climate change is happening, but is asking for evidence that it will actually be a problem...

hansen might be a start

better still point them at the ice age thread on ds

best simple answer I can think of is " can your house stand a 250mph wind, would the disruption of a sudden 10m sea level rise upset your life,have you the means to survive a sudden onset famine?"

For the world? Nope, no problem. For Homo sapiens? Yeah..big trouble.
Maybe he was thinking of the big big picture...

I think the biggest take home is to think of how we're handling with the current number of displaced peoples of the world. And then to consider how many millions (billions?) will be displaced with sea level rise, and drastic changes in where arable land exists

biohazard potential is another aspect that might give cause for concern.
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