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Cut bracken question

Rather later than I meant to I am cutting bracken. (Meant to do it mid-July, after the birds finishing nesting.)

Anyway, cut the first pass of it today, left it where it fell. It is an area we've been working on for the last couple of years on and off (time permitting) and we re-seeded it with grass Autumn before last. We do have some fairly good grass there, but it has been knocked back by the bracken. (Which wasn't that big at the end of June, but it is now between waist high and a few at head high!)
My primary aim is to encourage the grass, but with the minimum of effort.
So, if I leave the bracken lying on the ground, how quickly will it shrivel then rot? Will it kill the grass by its shadow before it rots?

I could scrape the bracken into heaps on patches of bare ground so it rots down to mulch, then spread out the mulch back to where the bracken came from, but it would be much less effort to leave it where it fell - providing the grass will survive the experience.

Comments please.

It'll hold the grass back. We use it as mulch for that reason.
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