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cutting board

i found a cutting board yesterday while out driving its got clive & thyme written on it its about 1 ft square 2 inchs thick are they any good? i tried to do a google search see how much there worth and such but cannot find anything as anyone got one ?

Wood? Plastic? Glass?
Did you just find it in the road?

wood found it on side of road yeah i think its olive & thyme not clive

Well if its wood, I think I'd be tempted to sand it down quite hard, clean it, clean it again, salt it, dry it and oil it. And then I should think it'll be okay. If it doesn't survive the process you don't want it anyway.

it looks as if it is water stained you know like when you get a water stain on varnish and it goes white few bits like that nothing to bad. iv washed it and now made my coffee on it. very heavy and very thick so i hope it will survive process il look into it soon

It's an odd thing to find on the roadside. Confused

However I did once stop at traffic lights out on a lonely mountain road and next to them was a full English breakfast on a plate. Smile
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