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Jam Lady

Cutting Venison

The young man who bow hunts our property this year got a smallish doe this morning. We share halfsies.

Other years the fellow who used to hunt here (now hunting on his mother-in-law's farm) would bring the venison nicely cut up, wrapped, labeled, frozen.

This year I have the forequarter, hindquarter, backstrap and tenderloin chilling in the refrigerators.

I'm thinking cube forequarter for stew, use hindquarter for pot roast. Go buy a meat grinder and turn trimmings into chop meat for burgers and / or chilli. (Irritating as I'd given my meat grinder to my daughter. The last time they were moving I said if she didn't want to take it cross country I'd like it back. Oh, she said, I gave it away over a year ago.)

Any other cutting suggestions?

Wild mushrooms, local venison - this is a terrific year!

I found that separating the muscle groups by hand before cutting (it's relatively easy with venison) results in 'natural' pieces which can be further sectioned or rolled in joints.

A nice variation is to cut medallions of meat approx 2" is dia by 1/2" thick across the grain then flatten them between tow pieces of thick plastic with a mallet until very thin. This is eaten raw and great with goose liver pate on crackers.
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