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Cylindrical hive?

Someone mentioned to me a design for a hive which was cylindrical. It consisted of layers / sections which could be added as needed. Inside, it had top-bars. It appears to be quite narrow.

However, the person couldn't remember the name of it. I had a look on the internet, but couldn't find anything. The closest I got was a Warre hive, but it's not cylindrical.

He also mentioned that the brood section could be thrown away at the end of the year and a new one used, to reduce virus / nasty issues carrying over.

Does anyone know of the type of hive they were talking about?

I saw one made out of a section of very big pipe once. It had doors at each compass point to see which the bees would prefer. (They moved round as the day progressed)

I found it. It's the Hex Hive. A tall, narrow hive that encourages bees to build downwards from the top, in the same way they would in a tree.
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