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Daylight Fox attack

Within 1 !/2 hours between 3.30pm and 5.00pm this afternoon a fox wiped out my complete laying flock except for 1.

photos here...
Colin & Jan

It's that time of year to be ultra vigilant and when most of the daylight attacks take place. Vixens have cubs to feed and will take every opportunity they can take. In the next few weeks the cubs will also be causing mayhem.

Oh no, I'm so sorry for you, that's just heart rending. How many have you lost?

horrid .

traps,electric net and wires,hunt cleverly.

That is awful, so sorry to hear it
Nicky Colour it green


so sorry Sandra - that's terrible

Poor you and poor hens. Bloody foxes.

Any body local who shoots ?

Oh golly that's just dreadful - heartbreaking. I'm so sorry.

That's awful. Really sorry. Sad

You need a man with a gun.
We have seen far too many foxes at the allotment,just in the last week.

Very sorry to hear. We have a vixen with two cubs under a shed a few gardens away - and she is visiting daily. So mine are all in runs for now. She has not taken any, but did spook a Speckled Sussex badly and she didn't recover and I found her dead in the run a day later having been very out of sorts.
Are you restocking?

traps never sleep

if she has "shopping"in mind she will be persistent if she is feeding and teaching cubs

they can dig quite well and if that is the option they will.

how do the folk with the shed feel about them?

We're not restocking until she/he is caught. 15 days after the first attack and major fencing we lost another 30+ hens, again during daylight hours. 2 weeks later and after electrifying the fencing etc, we lost another 3. The remaining survivors have been shut in for a week now and will be until we catch the fox. She is still around but for the past two days doesn't appear to have entered the pen.

I have lost over 60 hens plus my breeding cocks.

How miserable for you.

We had one last year that was persistently taken new born lambs from one of the fields. We had to stop using it. I don't think that he was ever shot either, he was far too clever. Something must have happened to him over the winter though as we only lost a couple this year.

We've noticed that there is a large fox wandering around here during the day at the moment. Possibly an urban fox that has been released as it's not particularly worried by us. The local foxes tend to be only seen from a distance before they disappear.

I will never understand why anybody would release urban vermin in the country. It should be illegal.

Misplaced sentiment I assume. We all make mistakes. I don't think they survive very long here and I don't think it happens too often but it's a nice place to visit if you are on a mission.

I will never understand why anybody would release urban vermin in the country. It should be illegal.

i think it is ,sort of for the reasons stated herefoxy holiday

left in peace or a certain but kind death depending on circumstance is my option
Ty Gwyn

A fox attack like that is heartbreaking,i remember as a boy fencing up the top fields with my Father,and the dog disappeared,then we heard him barking,went back down to the house to a view of a field of white feathers,2 doz coming up to point of lay strewn around,we saw the fox jumping the fencing with one in his mouth,my Father waited with the gun and got the bugger when he returned for another.

Looking at your layout it looks really nice and sheltered with that tall hedge,
But if you want security from foxes,that hedge would be the first to come out,it gives cover to the foxes to come right up to the wire without being seen,and screening from any of their excavations.
I imagine Dpack to say you need a killing field.

top of my list would be well maintained trap . a 24/7/365 worker that can be home made or bought for the price of a few chooks

im sure shooting them is rather satisfying but it is time consuming as well as the other issues of guns and places
Ty Gwyn

Personally,i don`t find shooting anything satisfying,but sometimes its a necessity.

We have to work with what we have. The back hedge belongs to the farm behind, the hedge running along the length of the pen is the boundary to a public footpath leading to woods belonging to the estate, the opposite hedge is the churchyard hedge.
We have permission to shoot, trap etc. in the fields belonging to the farm, as you can appreciate the footpath and churchyard present their own problems.

'the man for the job' - whoever you speak to they all say oh you need ****. - has set snares along the runs in the hedge bordering the field and we have a trap on our land. Once the grass in the field behind the pen is shorter he''ll sit out with a gun.

This is the first year we have had any problems. When the estate raised pheasants for the shoot the gamekeeper kept the fox numbers down but for past couple of years since they've stopped shooting numbers have increased.

Um. Are we talking the sort of running wire snares that also kill cats?

Really, really sorry to hear about your hens (we've lost to predators including fox - and fox is a field full of hens, the b*gger) but also worried about the cats since you sound like you are near a village and people's pets. Just wanted to highlight that downside.

with cage traps bycatch can be dealt with in a harmless manner

I'd second Mutton,s concern on snares. Cage trap is the better choice then no harm done to non target animals.

Please consider the trauma the loss or injury to a much loved pet will cause the owner as well as the suffering to the animal.
Snares should be illegal.

I detest foxes, no sympathy for them but clean kill without suffering is what they deserve.
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