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Dealing with a deer.


This deer was found on the side of the road with 2 broken legs (could see the bone out) and there was no way he could make it.

So with the help of my pocket knife I killed him on the side of the road (slit throat and broke the neck somehow). Didn't work as good as it should have but at least the poor thing was out of it's misery.

Gutted him and all and left to hang for 2 days ... skinned it and it arrived in the kitchen. Being a road hit (not killed) and had suffered no other damage than the legs .

Bloodier than you would expect if it hadn't been hit by a car, we can see the leg in the background broken badly:

With a few tools the job started:

Separated the shoulders from the body, was good quality and not damaged in any way, got diced and minced:

Separated the legs, one leg barely usable (got a few diced bits), autopsy revealed a broken hip too, and the top of the second leg was a bit bruised:

Got cracking on the loins (nothing wrong with them whatsoever):

So overall fairly pleased with the results.. I forgot to take pictures of the mince and the loins are cured then smoked for a couple of days, billtong style.


Nice pics - what a result.

Aren't you a little, erm, masculine for a Camile?

Cammy is most definately a bloke and has les enfants to prove it. thumbup
A nice find and well dealt with. Very Happy

Ah - maybe there's an extra "l" in the ladies' name that I've forgotten about or something. With half the wife's family called things like Michel you'd think I'd be wise to that one Embarassed
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