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dear dog number tweety birds and jackhammers

dear dog , when tt gets home from work choosing a greeting gift from your toy basket is a noble gesture and a recognised courtesy when a hunter returns to the den.

scattering a few items behind the door can happen but when i try to move them back to the safety of your toy box it is best you dont leap under and upwards into my head with yours.

you now have a rather bruised occipital arch and a bitten lip and i have at least a little brain damage as you hit me spot on to target glabella and flap my skull and brain about.

i would give the contact a 3 on a scale of 1 being external to 5 being dead in my case.
in yours i would give it a 1 and a bit, we will see how that looks in the morning.

personally i would have used a club hammer for doing a proper job but dear hound your head is something you should be careful with

dont worry dear hound i know how to watch for any signs of serious complications

much love hope the eye and lip dont throb too much .

Dear dpack,

It is your duty to anticipate my movements and to defend me from my over-exuberant self.

BAD dpack!!!!!

Your faithful and very sore "dear hound"

I think they are getting exited for Christmas ,I was also almost rendered unconcious when Alfie dog jumped on me in bed the other morning.

Poppy once chewed through the Christmas lights and of course used to love shredding the Christmas paper across the entire lounge floor... Laughing

Oh no!
Not-old-collie recommends throwing head backwards to really have full impact on your human with minimal risk to own face Laughing

Not-old-collie has also sussed that we're moving house again, so every time I blink she's hopped up in to the car to make sure I don't go without her. Can't decide if that's adorable or heart-breaking. Slightly concerned she'll get bundled into Oxfam with the bags of donations though...
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