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deepsea fishing

I know nothing about it and want to know more basicly i know iv wanted to do it since i was about 15 now my brother has said aipril time he wants to plan a trip. what should we expect? what should we go for? what sort of price ranges? do you take home what you catch? best place to go? how far out do you go? any more info needed? cheers in advance matty

Hi Misty,

Deep sea fishing is fantastic but does take a lot of planning.

Usually takes me a week to get everthing right for a trip.You need good waterproof & warm clothing, enough food & drink for the day, bait(some freshmackerell & a box of frozen squid & maybe some ragworms) some skippers will stop to get mackerel on the way out but if they dont you're stuffed. & a packet of storm lures.

Get a selection of sea fishing rigs & some bait elastic. If you havn't got a boat rod, some skippers supply them but I always take a 30lb class rod loaded with 30lb mono.

A selection of leads from 1 1/2 lb down to 80z, bear in mind you can loose tackle on the bottom so spares are essential.
The skipper will have landing nets & will unhook & dispatch your fish for you. I always take a bucket to keep my catch in otherwise they seem to get put into a pool & you might not get your fish back.

Sorry, ran out of space.

An 8 hour trip will be about 50/70 but the last one i did, i came home with 70 worth of fish plus a grand day out.

Take a boots travel sickness pill 1/2 hour before getting on the boat. Agood skipper will go through the safety procedures before setting off. I always wear my own life jacket anyway.

You will need ice and freezer boxes when you get back. The last thing you want to be doing at the end of a long day pumping up fish from 200 feet, is to be cutting up cod with a billhook.

Take the next day off work to do that and recover.

Pm me with any more questions or better still e mail me at as i'm all over the country next week

2 lines is good ,one deep and lurking in the fishy place with bait and a jigging/spinning rig for the hunters who are around such places

good boatperson is vital
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