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DEFRA bird flu risk zone map

..Wot it says on the tin.

tldr: some birds will be allowed to free range, with certain biosecurity measures. Birds in "high risk areas" will not. "High risk" seems based on large bodies of water nearby, attracting wildfowl.

The map is not user friendly though!

Living on the coast on the Lleyn Peninsular, we're obviously surrounded by water but thankfully, LL53 is in the low risk category. Thirteen days and counting.
wellington womble

I can't actually read anything on that map.

It still doesn't explain what 'supervised' access is supposed to mean. I'm more than happy to comply with the regulations, if only anyone can tell me what they are!

And am I really supposed to keep records of who's been in the chicken run?

re biosecurity it makes sense to use a foot dip during any outbreak even if you have less than 50 birds.

hopefully the all clear will be everywhere soon and free range life can resume.

Implementing effective vermin controls where poultry or captive birds are kept

Yeah right...believe me we've tried...
Our rats LOVE the hen-house polytunnel.
wellington womble

I think it's a bad year for rats.

Deeper investigation suggests we are not high risk, it not what supervised access might mean, or how one is supposed to create a run which has not been available to wild birds recently (but which is now, because that doesn't matter?!?!)

When I suggested to P that he might have to jet-wash the grass he just looked at me... Wink

Someone decided it would be nice and tidy to take the A303 as the southern edge of the high risk zone based on the nearby river basin, scooping us in by map reading rather than exceptional risk.
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