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Despatching courses

I have finally got around to scheduling some despatching tutorials if anyone is interested in purely that, rather than mixing it up with hatching, plucking and dressing. I've listed links to the Omlet booking engine from my website..

I process the birds we use in the sessions after people are gone and put them in the freezer; they're not wasted.

I can vouch for Chez's despatching training - clear, careful, easy to follow and sensitive to all involved. The rest of the hatch - grow - despatch - pluck - dress course I did was fab too Very Happy

Thank you!

(I'm still not sure I'm spelling despatching correctly. Or humane, come to that!)

Dis or des are equally acceptable according to Chambers.
How else would you spell 'humane'?

I'm not sure. I think it should have more e's in it.

Humaene? Humeane?

They don't look right either. As you were.
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