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DIY conveyancing

Has anyone done this qnd can offer any advice. Thinking of doing this to save my mum some money. The transaction should be straightforward - no mortgage involved and no danger of a motorway going through the garden.

as a seller it should be ok but as i buyer i would want somebody to sue if there was a motorway planned

It can be done, with full legal cover for about 4-500. It's worth it.

I did my own back in the 70s when solicitors really did take the pi55 . There was quite a well known book at the time that I just followed. Solicitors dealing for the other tried to be a bit snooty.
But it wasn't too hard.

Now with licensed conveyancers and fixed price quotes I wouldn't bother myself.

There are alot of new regulations that need to be followed and if the buyer / sellers solicitor doesn't follow them can be sued at a later date.

Working in the Legal industry supplying searches to conveyancers and solicitors, you'd be amazed how many times things you don't think are an issue are.

A colleague at work has just had a property in Galgate fall through because it turned out she wouldn't have been able to get house insurance on it due to above safe levels of Radon and being too close to the river and has flooded in the past, another colleague discovered weeks into the process that the house he was buying only had half the land it was supposed to, the rest belonged to Rail Track!

If you do the conveyancing yourself, you have no idea what hazards are associated with the property, how to interpret the relevant searches and how to read the register of title, any covenants that may be associated with the property - it's just not worth the hassle.

As far as I remember your Mum is in Lancaster, there are plenty of conveyancers in the area, including licensed conveyancers rather than solicitors and you can play one off against the other to get the best deal.

Would you know for instance that you should do a Chancel Check Search to ensure that the property you are buying doesn't have an obligation to the local parish church to contribute should the roof fall in? Or that Lancaster and Morecambe has a high incidence of subsidence risks because alot of it is built on old sand dunes? Would you know where to go to do a search against the other solicitor to ensure that they are legitimate and you aren't about to wire a vast amount of money to someone who is a fraud?

Let's put it this way, I work with these searches every single day of the week, I know more about conveyancing than most people and I'd still use a licensed conveyancer/solicitor for a house purchase whether I had a mortgage or not.

In principle conveyancing is a trivial exercise. The advantage of geting someone else to do it is that it is one less hassle while you buy and sell houses. On the other hand the disadvantage is that, in my experience, solicitors can not do the job. I have never had a property purchase or sale where the solicitors have not made a complete hash of the whole process.

Costs are not a reason to decide one way or another as typically that is only a few hundred pounds compared to a property value of a few hundred thousand.

we're in the process of selling a house and the conveyancing charges are very reasonable. However, it's taken close to 3 months so far.
john of wessex

When we bought our house 666 (the alleged ex wife) did the conveyancing herself.

The only major issue was the actual exchange which the vendors solicitor did for us - he didn't want to have us do it in person & quite frankly I would not have a clue how to

As said these days it is not that expensive if you get a good quote. Having said that however a lot of solicitors have closed or cut back their conveyancing departments so can be a bit of a nightmare
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