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Do i need a seperate holding number?

Hi, i'm renting some barn space and bit of a field from my father in-law to keep some pigs on.. when i registered a herd mark this was registered in his name. My question is should i be on my own CPH to be able to move the pigs freely without having a standstill on the rest of his farm. or is there a way i could register the pigs in my name instead. i only use 1 acre of a 5 acre field so not sure how that would work out.

Many thanks for any help...these paper work bits really confuse me sometimes!!

Hi Brad. Welcome to DS. Not sure that any of our pig experts are on line right now, but you should get a sensible reply soon.
Rob R

It depends, it is more hassle to set up & may affect his single farm payment. Unless this is a permanent holding I would avoid registering.
Mrs R

you can have two separate numbers on one holding, but unless they are completely separate farms you'll be down as 'sharing facilities' which automatically means you are subject to each other's movement standstills etc. That's what they told me when I moved in with Rob anyway, and we decided it wasn't worth the hassle!
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