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Rob R

Does anyone have a smartphone...

... they'd like to trade for meat?

I need one of the following;

HTC: Desire C, Desire S, Desire X, Incredible S, Sensation XE, Sensation XL, One, One S, One X, One Mini

Or an iphone, but I didn't *really* want to trade a whole cow...

I have an iPhone 3 you're welcome to, except it's been badly jail broken and needs to go to a young person with tattoos who lives on a market stall to get working.

Any use?
Rob R

You lost me at iphone 3...

I just need it to run an app (for a card machine) and connect to the internet, it doesn't need to make calls or texts.

Yes. I will PM you.


If you don't get sorted and I'm not sure if it's any use to you but I have a HTC Wildfire S you can have.
Rob R

Thanks but no, unfortunately it has to be one of the ones listed to be compatable. I have a perfectly good one but they've brought out a new machine that does more things & needs more smartphone voodoo (GPS, I think) to make it work...
Rob R

And if anyone could recommend a good P&G sim, from a company that both pays it's taxes & manages to have decent data coverage, that'd be great. Vodafone have been good for the latter, but terrible on the former, and are proving impossible to get invoices from - they keep asking for the reference reference that is on my credit card statement before they'll issue a receipt, but there is no transaction reference on the statement... Rolling Eyes
Rob R

Problem solved, I've just picked a secondhand one up on ebay. Apparently I can use it with a bluetooth printer, which I know nothing about, so if anyone can advise/provide...? Smile
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