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does anyone have experiance of being an amazon associate?

i had a chat with an american chap today ,his firm host websites for marketing amazon goods ,about 40 % of amazon turnover is generated that way ,it pays 4 to 8 % of the sale price and hosting is about $30 a month(free trial for a bit)

my questions are

anyone tried it?
what happened?
is 4to8% a fair mark up on a no handling marketing only basis?
do they make their cash by web hosting or by taking a cut ?

if there is $20 billion shifted this way and 5% goes to the marketeers there must be a lot of competition so hosting profit might be the prime motive.

i will research further but i was wondering if you folk knew owt about such things,being a bit naive about the web sales tactics of amazon i had assumed that the associates were selling their kit and using amazon as distributors rather than amazon using freelance marketeers Laughing

what do you lot think?

I'm pretty sure it was free when I signed up, but I didn't do owt much with it, so I couldn't honestly say I had experience of it.

But should we be supporting Amazon with the allegations of poor employment practice and tax avoidance?

There was a programme on TV recently which I did not see. My friend was disgusted with their working practices, but I suspect it may have been exaggerated somewhat.


i suspect that the web hosting costs are to mitigate the "didnt do much with it"folk

as to amazons working model i saw the tv doc and they are more scummy than some.
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