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Dog pest treatments

It's officially tick season. Poor lumpy dog!

I'm wandering into the minefield of spot-on treatments again. I hate that the three main ones are Advantage, Advantix, and Advocate. Gah!

Advantix allegedly does ticks and bitey things; Advocate does bitey things and worms but doesn't specify ticks. I've closed the Advantage info tab Embarassed

I don't treat monthly (esp over winter), more as-needed. I'd rather use minimal chemicals for obvious reasons. We have been using Advocate, and I'm happy to carry on if nothing really prevents tick bites (I have a twizzler to remove them once spotted). Are worms a bigger worry than ticks?


(Frontline is generally accepted as ineffective up here now, and I won't touch Bob Martins et al)

Out here I use a collar called seresto available in the UK on prescription although it is over the counter here. It does 6 to 8 months and covers ticks but it is pricey. around 35 euros for a bigger dog. I am not sure how much it is in the UK. It seems to work on mine and it is very 'ticky' here

the wee bitey critters dont know they are going to die til after they bite bonzo

advocate seems good for preventing "visitors" thriving and the more important task of avoiding a variety of worms .

imho tis worth it for the anti worm effects

Piggyphile, I don't see the collars generally for sale and I've heard that they can cause toxicity problems (hard to control dose I suppose?).

I've heard rose geranium essential oil works for ticks. Put a few drops between the shoulder blades and a couple at the base of the tail. Worth a try anyway, don't you think? 🐕 🐕 🐶 🐕 🐕 🐶

As a deterrent or to dislodge any that I miss?
I will look it up, thank you.


there are a few things that seem to help.

lavender oil(and magic splosh) both seem to put off fleas and flies(midgies and horse flies go for hounds as much as they do for people)
they do mess with bonzo's sense of smell though

deet and deet mixtures such as jungle formula also work for insects.
toxic and foul tasting so best spread on the collar rather than fur.

ticks hunt by warmth rather than smell and i dont know of anything that prevents them but some dogs seem more troubled than others so there must be some mechanism that attracts/repels them to particular individuals.
out of my home grown hell hounds of the 4 i knew into adulthood 2 were tick magnets and two got a few.
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