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Dog Sitting Business - what do I need to start ?

I realise insurance is important - can anyone recommend insurance companies for a quote, I also have to check with my landlord but I believe we are allowed to operate this type of business. Some form of contract needs to be drawn up.

We recently had to have our beloved mutt put to sleep after 16 years, so have the experience.

Any advice appreciated.


Will the dogs be in your house? My memories of kennels involves endless barking of guests which only works if you are out of ear shot of people. Also a very secure run or garden is needed and insistence on seeing proof of vaccination of all guests. Will there be more than one at any time? You would have to be sure they would all get on well together.

Dog sitting is normally you at their house.

i will ask my dog sitting chums what they think is important


crb check for you
insurance for sitting and transporting and walking

and a liking for random mutts Wink

Oh OK my mistake I assumed needing landlords permission, made it at their house.
wellington womble

My parents in law did this for a bit. What they realised is that all the dogs they got were the ones where kennels wouldn't have them, so they were all a bit antisocial. Might be worth asking what the owners have tried before?

Excellent point WW - I shall do that, I am CRB checked for my job so would assume that this is ok.

Initially I thought I would contact the dog walkers that I used to meet every day and see if there is much interest, I checked out insurance and that's not too bad.

Garden is secure -I work from home every day so the dog has company - however I aim to only have one dog at a time. I don't expect to get rich but every bit helps!


This info may be useful:-

and then there's this:-

Sorry - I don't know how to do the little linkys.

Where abouts in Hampshire are you?

I used to do this in Holbury, now do the same in mid Wales.
There was definately a demand.

You need a council licence, mostly common sense. The one here are going up from 128 pa to 157 next year and 186 in 2016. A huge hike to keep Powys in line with the rest of Wales apparently.
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