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Dogs n Blankets

answer me this!
my lovely lump, 5 year old lab x, has been discovered yet again at the scene of a crime. he has eaten the bed of his better behaved friend. the dogs live outside through the summer. each has their own kennel. Woody, the large bed muncher has a ratty blanket he has never so much as chewed the corner of. Deefer has a hollow fibre nest he snuggles up in. it isn't the first time i have found green hollow fibre strewn across the place, i had thought it was out of reach. i don't think its envy as he has always destroyed duvets and dogs beds lovingly donated for his comfort. he was curled up in the remains when i arrived looking suitably guilty.
so the short version? what is it about the stuffing that causes this? any ideas?

shredding could be part pretending to dismantle dinner and part rearranging a nest.

tis rather fun , woof Wink

I've never understood how some dogs have a toy that they've had their whole life. What's the point if you're not going to systematically take the stuffing out of every section of it?
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