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Doing up junk shop furniture?

Would anyone be interested in an a simple article on simple techniques (I am not a carpenter)? Trouble is I haven't got anything on the go at the moment but could do some photos of finished things.

Not paint techniques but just bringing the life back to dusty wood.

ive done a fair bit if you want to run it past me Wink
wood is nice

It is - I have a penchant for oak - which is lucky living here as all the "country" furniture was oak.

thank you dpack - that would be good - don't hold your breath - but it is brewing slowly Very Happy

i know a bit about re jointing , dewarping making draws work etc
a bit about upholstery and allied trades and some about finishes
mahogony(and posh woods ) is my fave but im happy sorting rustic or country as well
any help i can give ask

I'd love to read that. I'm a fan of picking up beaten up pieces and working on them till they're lovely again. Always looking out for the elusive sixth kitchen chair (and the time to finish restoring the fifth too Laughing)

Oooh - chairs - I just avoid them - too much like hard work - I was tought that they need to be completely dismantled and rebuilt to ever be rock solid again.

Dpack - I could do the poor mans version Very Happy you do the French polish finish - I do the button polish Laughing and I was taught to dewarp by strategically placing furniture in the sun - honest - works a treat with smallish problems.

dismantling chairs is ok .
i dont french polish unless the thing has been painted and stripped or has had to be replaned or a non matching chunk has had to be used as a repair . i try to stick to cleaning, light waxing and rubbing for hard woods and either waxing or catalysed resin for soft wood depending on its purpose

patina is nice if it can be preserved

oiling can be useful as well ,

yes please, have an abundance of old furniture that

a) will be restored
b) i shall give up on and and have a thundering great bonfire.
c. prefer a), am just out of time, energy, space and motivation Embarassed
wellington womble

I'd be interested, as my poor battered old pine table is going to be the centrepiece of my lovely new kitchen (ha ha) it could do with a bit of TLC.

I'd be interested. Have done some simple stripping/polishing of hard wood and some soft pine and dismantling and re-building a long time ago but they were all fireplaces Rolling Eyes

I have got a mahogany table top made from an old lab bench top that I stripped and finished. It's a lovely piece of wood. I want to re-do it as I originally did it for my mum who wanted it "shiny" Rolling Eyes She then decided she didn't like it at all, so I rescued it and gave it a home. But I'd like it gently waxed (not high shine). I'm planning on re-doing it - just can't find the time right now.

I'd like to know about simple repairs to other furniture Very Happy

ruby wrote:
Oooh - chairs - I just avoid them - too much like hard work - I was tought that they need to be completely dismantled and rebuilt to ever be rock solid again.

Depends on whats wrong with them. One of mine had some bits on the back loose, largely because somewhere in its hundred and thirty-ish year life it had been badly woodwormed. So I drilled out some wood and put in some strogn dowels, sanded the end down, waxed it to look like the rest, sorted. Then someoene leaned back on it and broke another, earlier restoration doen by a previous owner Rolling Eyes

The ones we've go are called 'knife back' or 'chisel back' you sometimes see them in a bad state. We're up to 5 now, three of them were in an average state and two were in a desperate state when we got them. Sooner or later I'll drop on another, I'll get lucky and find another one cheap.

OK - I give in - what makes you all think that you can't already do it? I have to say that any article I do will begin with words along the lines of "go for it, wood is a very forgiving material..."

(And I also get the impression that you can all do far more than me anyway... so maybe a thread with tips might be a better plan?)
Bovey Belle

All our furniture has come from auction and usually had to be restored in some way or another. Chairs are our speciality, but on the principle of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" they only come apart to be reglued where necessary - never taken apart as a matter of course. My OH has just made a stunning Medieval style refectory table from a huge single plank we bought with us from Dorset. Just need to gee him up for the matching bench. I think it would be great to pool ideas - everyone has their own tips and experiences.

I've got two pieces waiting to be worked on, one is an old beech rocking chair that spent about 50 years covered in an annual layer of sticky brown varnish, them my mum bravely stripped it and painted it gloss white when I was little, then I tried to strip it back to the wood a few years ago, got half way through and ground to a halt. Need to get up the courage to attack it again, but it has lots of twiddly bits and I don't think I'm approaching it right.

My other one is my grans fireside chair (1930s I think), fairly utilitarian but needs taking apart and refitting (every joint is loose) and then re-upholstering, has one of those cushions that is horsehair over springs, very comfy but extremely dilapidated at the moment, I fancy it would make a nice bedroom chair if it was given a complete makeover.

As for finishes, I like a linseed and wax finish rather than varnish wherever possible, its getting the wood to a place to start doing the oiling and waxing that I could do with some tips on. I always seem to get the balance wrong between when to strip and when to sand/wirewool/scrape

OK I am going to do a basic article - and then start a thread for us to add all our tips to as I would also find it very useful. I was taught by an antiques restorer living locally hwo used to wrok for the national trust but as I only worked with him for a year I didn't leanr anywhere near enough to satisfy me Laughing

Won't be finished for a few weeks yet though but I want to pass on someof the tips that I learnt before I forget them all.

sounds great!
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