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Domain redirects

Which would be the best way to redirect a domain name?

I define best as what will google make of it ranking wise.

I have the choice of:-
HTTP redirect
Frame redirect

With frame redirect I get to fill in:-

Meta title:

Meta description:

Meta keywords:

As part of the redirect.

I guess with the HTTP redirect they would be part of the target site so not directly linked to the original domain.

Frame redirect may not be search engine friendly. I always prefer HTTP redirect either 301 (permanent) or 302 (temporary).

Re: Domain redirects

I guess with the HTTP redirect they would be part of the target site so not directly linked to the original domain.

Do you want that? Ideally a website should have just one canonical domain and an HTPP permanent redirect solves that issue. It's commonly used when a site takes on a new identity and you want search engines to identify a n old domain with a new one.

The set up is as follows.

My hosting only allows X number of Word Press sites. I have used them all up.

One of my existing sites (learner lessons) is similar to the new one (trailer training) I am setting up. The new one has two domain names (well one but both the .wales & .cymru versions). Whilst the original site is similar I do want some distance between them.

I could pay the ISP more to get more WP slots.

If I HTTP redirect them the new domains get turned into the existing one on the users screen address. So when searches are done about the service will google find the new domain names or the original one?

I guess I could set each one differently & see which type works best.

I guess its not going to matter too much. The new domains will be on the advertising & google can find me either at those domains or at the page on the old site.

PS VP I see we both had the same taste in planning consultants.

He's a bit dry but was effective for us.

Here's what Google have to say about redirects...

Cheers for the link. Looks like a HTTP redirect is the way to go then re google. Just now need to make my mind up if I want the user to see www.olddomain.blah/newservice or www.newdomain.blah

He was effective for use too. I found him ok, we seemed to get along fine & I did have to spend a lot of time with him at his office, on our site & during the 3 day public inquiry.

He knows the planning system and understands how the underworld operates. I'll tell you about it the next time I see you.
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